Brussels | ECF | 19/02/2009

ECF seeks a highly motivated, dynamic and results-driven project manager. The first project to manage is the ECF part of the 3-years EU project on “Promoting cycling for everyone as daily istransport mode” (Presto). The project starts 1st of May 2009 and will focus on three main pillars: 1) Infrastructure planning: Show how to develop sound plans for better and safer cycling 2) Promotional “soft measures”: Show how to develop plans for better and safer cycling conditions 3) Promotion of Electric Bicycles. The ECF is in this project a partner of a European-wide consortium, consisting, among other, of 5 cities. As umbrella federation of some 56 members in 38 countries, ECF will have a strong role to play in communication and dissemination of the project results. Outside the project, ECF’s main goal is to promote cycling as a daily means of transportation and for leisure and tourism. ECF project managers will be involved in general promotion and lobby work or other projects, besides their ‘own’ project.

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