Washington, Estats Units D’Amèrica | Bike Europe | 11/11/2008

Breu resum en català: Obama després d’una reunió amb els membres de l’associació d’EEUU, Bikes Belong , mostra el seu suport a l’ús de la bicicleta.

WASHINGTON, USA – Where he stands on global issues is clear after his successful two year campaign to become the next President of the US. And after a meeting with members of the US cycling advocacy association ‘Bikes Belong’ we also know that he is a strong supporter of cycle use. Pictured here is Obama’s meeting with WTB USA President Patrick Seidler who is the driving force behind Marin County’s bicycle and pedestrian network of which the Cal Park Hill Tunnel is an important segment. Groundbreaking for the construction of this tunnel took place recently and is only a part of a plan that calls for constructing a network of bike lanes, sidewalks, and pathways. Maybe in European eyes not the biggest news, but for Americans it’s nothing short of a (biking) revolution that, as cycling advocates hope, will spread further under the Obama Presidency.

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